All You Need To Know About Sim Racing SLI

Your first sim racing rig/desk will always be unique, and we are excited that you have decided to get one. Sim racing follows the typical rules of all gaming equipment; there’s never an end to equipment to add. You’ll have a button box, sim racing SLI, tablets, and more gear than you’ll see in recommendations to enhance your experience further.

A sim racing SLI isn’t mentioned as often during gear or equipment discussions, but it is a critical part of the set. This blog will help explain it and provide a guide to help you select the right one for your gaming.

We have also prepared a few recommendations, but everyone has different preferences, so the products mentioned here are ones we like.

What is a Sim Racing SLI?

A sim racing SLI (Shift Light Indicator) is a sim racing hardware that provides helpful information for players. You will need it to get vital data like shift points and similar information. SLIs typically have a digital LCD in the middle and are surrounded by several LED lights that turn on or blink depending on the message they are communicating.

All you need to do is understand the mechanism and how it works, and you’ll know what to do. The most exciting part is that SLIs aren’t a sim racing-only feature. They are also a part of real racing cars and alert racers when they reach ideal points to shift gears.

So, this sim racing equipment is meant to give you a taste of the actual racing experience.

A Guide for Buying the Right Sim Racing SLI

Now that you have a basic idea of what a sim racing SLI is meant for, we can explore the basics of selecting and using it. You need to look for the following elements when buying a sim racing SLI.

Programming Facility

The primary function of the SLI is to indicate the best time for shifting gears. The current sim racing SLIs in the market perform this function by showing the gear number the car is prepared for to help racers shift into it without making the assessment themselves.

However, the SLI can do more than that. You can configure an SLI to show RPM (rotations per minute), speed, gear, lap time, and much more information. The extent of information display depends on the hardware you purchase, so try to find one that shows as much data as possible.

However, if you feel like extra information will distract you, make a list of the details you need to enhance performance and buy an SLI that can accommodate your preferences.

LED Display

There isn’t a lot your digital screen can show aside from the numbers you configure, but there are a few designs to choose from. For starters, you’ll have options for dashboards, which are fancy and somewhat pricey.

Those will admittedly have better information displays, but you’ll also have options like SLI-F1 that are a simpler version of the same thing. Consider your options and budget and choose carefully.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the SLI won’t affect gameplay (unless it is too small for numbers to be visible), but these factors are relevant for mounting the device. Please don’t buy anything too heavy because you’ll need to buy a sturdier mount to set it up.

It is far easier to mount a lighter sim racing SLI, so buy accordingly. An alternative is to buy your preferred device and ask the seller for details about mount specifications to support it. Manufacturers of licensed sellers have such information and will guide you.


Compatibility is not something you need to worry about if you use a PC. However, console players will need to pay extra attention because several SLI options are incompatible with consoles. You’ll end up with a completely useless component worth over $100.


Modern sim racing SLIs can be connected to your system through a USB connector or an alternative. We recommend getting the USB connector because it is much more convenient and easy to manage.

How to Set Up a Sim Racing SLI

Your work doesn’t end at purchase. Once you receive your sim racing SLI, you need to set it up on your sim racing system to enjoy its benefits.

Attach the Cables

Your SLI will come with a USB cable that will connect it to the system. First, attach the opposite side of the USB style output to the SLI and secure it. Then, set the hardware upon the mount and bolt it. You’ll need to check a few times and ensure the SLI is secure because, otherwise, there are chances that the device will become loose and fall off.

Set it Up on the Steering Wheel

After you have mounted the device, fix the USB side of the cable into the steering wheel. Your steering wheel is connected to the system, so the link will help you access the SLI software from your monitor.

Configure It

Lastly, configure the software according to your preference. Choose the data you want to see on the screen and select how you want the LED lights to work. You can also select the position of the data on your screen to ensure the output matches your preference.

Once you have successfully configured the sim racing SLI, you are all set to enjoy the game!

Best Sim Racing SLI in the Market

The abovementioned information will allow you to select the sim racing equipment of your preference and install it correctly. However, the information on sim racing SLIs is a little chaotic on the internet, so we are also giving product recommendations for gamers who need them.

Fanatec CSW Pro-Race SLI

Fanatec is one of the best brands in the sim racing industry and has created incredible designs for wheelbase, steering wheels, pedals, etc. The Pro-Race SLI is another incredible product from the brand with rotary encoders pre-fitted into the SLI.

The product is also incredibly durable, using stainless steel as its base, so you won’t have to worry about buying another one in a few years. It is a good investment and will enhance your gameplay, so we recommend you buy it if it comes within your budget.

SLI-Pro from Sim Dynamics

We loved the SLI-Pro because it was the ideal product for us. We were looking for something that fit our budgets without losing the main features we needed, and this Sim Dynamics creation was the right fit.

It is very compact and fits perfectly on top of the steering wheel, making it easier to see and read. It has a straightforward configuration and comes with a USB cable, so we only needed to attach everything and get settings sorted. That’s all it took to get it ready.


The SLI6 is one of the most affordable sim racing SLI available in the market, but it is also the simplest. It doesn’t have an LED screen, so you won’t be able to check your speed or similar metrics. You’ll also have to rely on your knowledge of the LED lights to know how to respond or act.

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked our guide for sim racing SLI and it helped increase your knowledge on the subject. You can also check out our other blogs to learn more about sim racing.

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