Is Sim Racing Realistic?

sim racing rig showing realistic sim racing

Sim racing is designed to provide a realistic representation of actual on-the-track racing. Men and women of all ages have designated sim racing areas in their homes. It is where they get the latest technology to have an enjoyable and real-life experience. But is sim racing realistic? When comparing simulated racing with the real thing, … Read more

Sim Racing Potentiometer: A Beginners Guide to Pedals

sim racing potentiometer

When it comes to sim racing, players tend to focus more on getting fancy wheels rather than pedal sets. The sim racing pedals allow players to use brakes realistically by utilizing muscle memory. You’ll find sim racing pedals in three leading technologies. These are sim racing potentiometer, hall effect, and load cells.f Initially, potentiometer pedals … Read more

Can You Make Money Sim Racing?

Can You Make Money Sim Racing?

The eSports gaming industry has been booming since the last decade with the emergence of live streaming and a host of virtual and gaming technologies. Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, there’s been a massive growth in gaming audiences, with over 728.8 million people worldwide competing against friends and strangers alike. A growing chunk … Read more