International Sim Racing Federation – All You Need to Know

Sim racing took the gaming industry by storm when it first emerged, but that wasn’t surprising. The best part was that it got real-life racers and racing coaches to start their sim racing experience, pushing its popularity up. This popularity created an opportunity leading to the establishment of the International Sim Racing Federation.

Needless to say that it became incredibly successful reasonably quickly, with most serious gamers signing up to connect with other gamers and enter events to showcase their abilities. This blog will help you understand what the International Sim Racing Federation is, what they do, and provide additional details about how they operate.

What Is the International Sim Racing Federation?

The International Sim Racing Federation is a federation created by sim racers worldwide to connect, coordinate, and organize opportunities for members to engage with sim racing-related news and events.

It became a critical platform for sim racers because it allowed them to become more organized, allowing their general needs and preferences to find a reliable communication channel. The establishment of this federation also helped sim racers create a virtual space for connection, removing the inconvenience of border barriers.

Which Events Do They Organize?

The International Sim Racing Federation does not organize any events; however, it has helped several other organizations identify the new gaming market. For example, iRacing had already created sim racing games, but the sheer number of members in the federation helped them introduce their racing events and market them to gamers worldwide.

Benefits of Being Part of the Federation

There are several benefits of being part of the International Sim Racing Federation for sim racers, the most prominent of which are mentioned below:

Get the Latest Updates About Sim Racing Events

Most companies catering to sim racers acknowledge the federation and approach the members when they organize events to reach maximum sim racers. Therefore, federation members often get the latest information and news about championships, events, expos, etc.

Additionally, manufacturers are likely to market their products directly to the federation because they know it would help them increase their global reach. Therefore, you’ll get news about sales and reach out to manufacturers to ask about purchase details and delivery.

Opportunity to Attend Sim Racing Expos

Sim Racing Expos feature some of the latest technologies in the market, allowing organizations and sim racers to interact with them and discover how gaming is evolving. Although few sim racers have the budget to buy products directly from the expo, getting to try the latest innovation will be a memorable experience in its own right.

The best part about being a part of the International Sim Racing Federation is that it coordinates with expo organizers and sends some members to attend. The selected members get the opportunity to explore diverse offerings while also expanding their knowledge.

Networking Opportunities

As mentioned above, the International Sim Racing Federation hosts sim racers worldwide, allowing everyone to enhance their network. Sim racing is most enjoyable when you play with friends or acquaintances, but it is challenging to find like-minded gamers easily.

The federation has people of diverse experience levels and interests, so you’ll have an easier time finding a group you get along with and organizing mini-sim racing events to enjoy gaming more.

Getting Necessary Advice From Experienced Gamers

The best part about connecting with other sim racers is that you’ll get the opportunity to get advice about gameplay. The federation has players of all skill levels, which benefits the new players. They can engage with better players on community forums or virtual meetups to get essential tips for improving their skills or getting past specific hurdles.

This benefit is especially important because racing sports aren’t as organized in every country, and players can’t always rely on coaches to guide them. The federation has several real-life racing coaches and players, making it simpler to improve your skill.

A Platform that Leverages the International Sim Racing Federation

Several platforms have benefited from the existence of the International Sim Racing Federation, but NEO is our favorite. Niel & Egil Organisation (NEO) is a virtual racing league that organizes endurance-based racing events for sim racing players.

The league is one of the best in the industry for sim racing event organizations and uses iRacing designed games for the purpose. Their objective is to create the most realistic and professional endurance-based gaming competitions to tap into the ambition several sim racers carry.

Event Entry Requirements

NEO decided to create the NEO Endurance Series in 2013, and its purpose was to use it as the umbrella brand for the sim racing events they would organize. These events are incredibly professional, with winners receiving prize money at the end.

Although NEO ideally wanted to keep the events accessible for all participants, it also wanted to emphasize the need for commitment. Therefore, it has a $50 fee for all participants to ensure the ones who enter continue playing the endurance series until the end instead of dropping out in the middle.

The strategy has worked, and it has helped them maintain the quality and seriousness of the endurance racing events they organize each season.

Their Partners

NEO Endurance Series is successful because they have cracked the secret to organizing sim racing events of such scale. They knew they would need to work with industry leaders; therefore, they prioritized partnering with the right organizations.


iRacing is one of the best-known names in sim racing because they create top-ranking racing sim games and hold virtual F1 Championships that are gamer favorites. Their game ranks as the most realistic among several available in the market, and they have created engaging and interesting routes to help players test their skills, explore improvement-oriented features, and unlock some of the best cars.

You will find NASCAR, IndyCar, V8 supercars in the game and will also get to explore F1 racing virtually. There is no better organization to partner with, in our opinion.

24H Series

24H is another series that hosts 12 – 24 hour endurance racing events for gamers of all skill levels. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional and one of the best organizers in motorsports. NEO typically co-organizes with them to mix their individual experiences to create something even better.

Virtual Competition Organization

VCO covers one of the most critical parts of organizing sim racing events; finding the right E-sports teams, communities, and drivers to engage. This organization has a remarkable history of generating positive PR and establishing a media presence for NEO’s endurance racing events.


No racing event is complete without advanced software to display performance statistics to keep the audience updated about event progress. TFRLAB has one of the best analytics software in the industry and centralizes information available across the virtual sim-racing space.

Racespot TV

Lastly, NEO relies on Racespot TV to broadcast their endurance racing events for their viewers. The broadcaster is known for their expertise in broadcasting major sim racing events like the World Championship Grand Prix Series; hence, they are perfect for the job.